1. Multicurrency bank account:
Beneficiary: Yuliya Yurchenko
IBAN: GB86HBUK40142801446495
Name of Bank: HSBC bank
Email: margerinescotch@gmail.com
2. Payoneer:
Name: Mishchenko Yevhenii
Address: Ukraine, Chervoniy Kut, Shkilna 1
Email: ee.bronstein@gmail.com
ID: 42784529
If you need more information to make a payment on PAYONEER, text our activist @eebronstein in Telegram
3. Bank account in UAH
Name: Tidva Artem
Email: Ti2artya@gmail.com
Money will be spent on:
- food,
- medicine,
- apartment,
- transport
and other evacuation needs
We appreciate your solidarity and will make report on our spending.